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  • Would a resonator like this work as the timing element in a boost converter (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boost_converter)? I’ve mostly found pictures online of people using 555 timer circuits, but according to Adafruit’s calculator (http://learn.adafruit.com/diy-boost-calc/the-calculator), the higher frequency, not to mention slimmer profile, of something like this would seem to make the converter more efficient.

    EDIT: To be clear, I need a converter with a very high step-up ratio for charging big capacitors.

  • These are rates for AC current, but what about DC? I’m thinking of building a railgun, which involves a lot of very big capacitors (on the order of 300v) going off in parallel, and I need something with which to switch them. Will this do the job?

    EDIT: Nevermind, the datasheet says 28v, which is less than 1/10 of what I need. I’ll keep looking.

  • Are these or the equivalent size plastic ones lighter? I’m planning a quadcopter and need to save weight.

  • Do these have a voltage limiter built-in or do I need a separate 3.3v limiter?

  • Some mounting hardware would be A+…

  • Breakout board? Pwetty pwease? Or at least the DIP version?*

    *I know it exists. It’s in the datasheet.

  • Supposedly this part is in Eagle, but I can’t find it and a search turns up blank. Anybody know what library it’s under?

  • I need something that will accept a single line of input, and which can output to one servo and an SN754410 H-Bridge chip. I can only use one line of serial input because I am using the wireless TX/RX 434MHz set sold here. Will this chip do that for me?

  • Same here. Please fix this!

  • “High 00000101” just isn’t quite as catchy.