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  • Would a resonator like this work as the timing element in a boost converter ( I’ve mostly found pictures online of people using 555 timer circuits, but according to Adafruit’s calculator (, the higher frequency, not to mention slimmer profile, of something like this would seem to make the converter more efficient.

    EDIT: To be clear, I need a converter with a very high step-up ratio for charging big capacitors.

  • These are rates for AC current, but what about DC? I’m thinking of building a railgun, which involves a lot of very big capacitors (on the order of 300v) going off in parallel, and I need something with which to switch them. Will this do the job?

    EDIT: Nevermind, the datasheet says 28v, which is less than 1/10 of what I need. I’ll keep looking.

  • Are these or the equivalent size plastic ones lighter? I’m planning a quadcopter and need to save weight.

  • Do these have a voltage limiter built-in or do I need a separate 3.3v limiter?

  • Some mounting hardware would be A+…

  • Breakout board? Pwetty pwease? Or at least the DIP version?*

    *I know it exists. It’s in the datasheet.

  • Supposedly this part is in Eagle, but I can’t find it and a search turns up blank. Anybody know what library it’s under?

  • I need something that will accept a single line of input, and which can output to one servo and an SN754410 H-Bridge chip. I can only use one line of serial input because I am using the wireless TX/RX 434MHz set sold here. Will this chip do that for me?

  • Same here. Please fix this!

  • “High 00000101” just isn’t quite as catchy.