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  • Just curious if anyone has tried using this at the high frequencies to produce square wave? I also am getting more of a sine wave looking waveform at around 20MHz. I was hoping to get around 30MHz with clean square wave so I'm guessing I'll need to use this clock with some other circuitry. I was thinking high gain opamp and clipping the output with zeners for a 0-3.3V range. Anyone try anything similar (or different in implementation to get clean results)?

    Perhaps, a different chip is in need??

  • I'm glad to help. My wife is hard of hearing so I have some understanding of how difficult it can be when viewing media without captions. I personally prefer captions as for whatever reason it helps me remember material better when I read it rather than just hear it. Anyways, I'll eventually get through the other 'According to Pete' episodes but it may take a while. I figure it's about 3 hours of transcription to every 30 min video or so.


  • Hey my bad. Maybe you were right about the Github thing being too big a barrier for us common folk :).. I'll keep that in mind for the future though and just use my forked repo to work from and stage that way. Anyways, THIS episode captions are up on the remote repo now. There may be some need for modifications so I can certainly work on anything that is either buggy or too verbose for a time frame.

  • Hey I've also cloned and committed to my local. When you have a chance could you add me to collaborators for this repo? I think it's just under settings->collaborators. I don't think I can do a pull request without already being a collaborator. My user is: doddy1985.


  • hey, only got about half way through the vid tonight.. it's pretty impressive how many words can be spoken in one second on average.. I don't think it's something I ever paid attention to before haha. Anyways, ya I'll knock it off soon. No probs :)

  • GitHub.. No thang.. I'll for sure add to it if you guys wanted to set it up that way. Sparkfun rocks! My user there is doddy1985 but just post the link to repo here I guess whenever you have a chance to set it up. I'll request to contribute after that and chip away at it.

    I'm not sure what would be the best way to format: (Time and text then newline perhaps?). Anyways, I'll wait to hear back.

    edit1: Looks like your link has a format under the Caption File tab; Begin time, End Time (\n) Text (\n\n)... So I can probably start hacking something together tonight and commit later.

  • It's too bad transcriptions aren't enabled to be a community effort.. or is that an option? If it's possible for anyone to go to a youtube vid and submit a version of the text I'd gladly do it for all the "According to Pete" vids. Do you know if that is a possibility?

  • That makes sense.. So if the IC would potentially draw 1A (which is maybe outrageous for most cases but just as an example for now) and the supply only has an output of 500mA DC then you need to up the wattage for source to support at least say 1.1A @ voltage.

    As for the 'cooking itself' issue, does that mean to spec out parts to handle a higher wattage than what is expected to go through (as you mention that doubling factor in the vid)? What about the extra current (.1A from example above), does that just feed back to ground?

  • Wow, this really opened my eyes to how electricity works. I was always wondering how the heck to account for current drawn into an IC but I guess so long as the voltage expected by IC is regulated (say a 5V clean supply) the IC's load will draw the appropriate amount of current under ideal temperature/other conditions?

    I guess I always thought to tackle the two issues separately, that is, design for supply voltage, and also design for supply current with say a constant current source. But I guess if one is properly designed, the other follows suit? I hope I followed along correctly :)

  • Just curious if anybody bought one of these when it was still available and what the thoughts are on this device?

    Would this have been compatible with Altera software by any chance (Quartus II)? Or perhaps just adapt to take in USB-Blaster and send that along to device?? Would be cool to reprogram FPGA on the fly wireless.