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I am learning about Arduino because I mentor students who sometimes use them on Sr Projects. Might like to get into Beagleboard also.


I volunteer for IEEE currently. Places I have worked: DeVry University, Motorola, Tellabs, Honeywell, GTE Automatic Electric, Control Data, Radio Shack, Bio-Data and independent contractor.

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English and read a little German.

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C, C++, C#, Java, Perl, COBOL, Basic, Pascal and various assembly languages.




IIT, College of DuPage, University of Nebraska, University of Minnesota.


I am the webmaster for Fox Valley IEEE:

  • Good instructions. After I followed the instructions, both assembly and getting the Hello World example from the library worked first time. Be aware you may have to adjust the contrast (pot clockwise to increase backlight) if you don’t see any output on the LCD. I had a problem because I accidentally put the 16 pin header in wrong and had to unsolder it. If one looks at the pictures and thinks they should not make this mistake. About the comment in this thread about the library - I found it listed under Sketch - Import and imported it no problem.

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