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  • Suppose you're wiring the BlueSMiRF (or, more precisely, an RN-42) directly to a serial pair, and there's no computer on the serial pair--just a weather station, for example, or a camera with a serial port for PTZ. There's no way to configure the RN-42 from the serial port side (and, obviously, until it connects, there's no way to configure it from the BlueTooth side, either.) There are four GPIO inputs that set the RN-42's power-up mode. Anyone get these to work in Auto-Master mode? So it automatically goes into pairing mode until its first connect, and after that automatically tries to connect to the saved MAC address of the other side? Just like, for example, your bluetooth phone earpiece?

  • This connector puts all 30 pins to one layer (true surface mount) and does not pass the default DRC in Eagle. The male connector, on the other hand, can be coaxed to slide onto the edge of a board, with half the pins on each side. Any chance you can find a similar "split" female connector?

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