Niels Johnson-Laird

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Country: United States



IT Consultant

Spoken Languages

British English, and American English. :-P

Programming Languages

C/C++, GCC & GDB, WinAVR (Atmel AVR Microcontroller), Java & Visual J++, Python, Assembler (8086, Z80, 68000, 6502), Awk & Sed scripting


Photography, Electronics (Arduino and AVR microcontrollers), Anime



  • I have one suggestion for ESD bags that you ship out to customers. How about using Velostat ESD bags?

    Velostat is manufactured by 3M, it also has an interesting piezo-resistance property which means it can be cut up and re-purposed to make flex/pressure sensors. Just a thought.

    Plusea’s stickytape sensor Instructable

    BTW, I’ve started making these for one or two projects myself, and they do work. ;-)

  • Glad to see that SparkFun has come out with a new Arduino shield that integrates support for a rechargeable Li-Polymer battery. I’d love to see a product that supports other types of rechargeable battery, e.g. Li-Ion, Li-Fe-Po4.

    As for Robert’s shirt it is just fine IMHO. Robert is here to showcase the new products, not to audition for “America’s Next Top Model” – though if you want to do that Robert…follow your dream. ;-). As a photo-enthusiast I’d add that the green shirt contrasts well with the bright red background so it works for me.

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