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  • I’m very disappointed in this product. I purchased it due to the reputation of SparkFun, but the product looks like it was hastily designed. I use the DLINE position of the switch to free up pins 0/1 for other serial transmission, but this causes XBee transmission over pins 2/3! Why default to the only 2 hardware interrupt pins available??? I know we can desolder the “2” and “3” points adjacent to pins 0/1, but why default to pins 2/3 in the first place? Also, as mentioned in previous comments the onboard voltage regulator is only rated for 150mA, but the description claims support for XBee Pro (which is rated at 215mA)!!! After as many revisions that this product has had you’d think that major issues like these would have been addressed. Makes me reconsider future purchases from SparkFun :(

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