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  • In the past - I used "handshake" connectors, they are good because they are unisex so you only need to use one part. Goog "knife disconnects" -- I am sure these would be very handy for many projects.

  • Bought this a while ago and am just getting it going, with a Seeed Studio Driver board. With a 5V supply the driver drops almost 2V, so just over 3V at the motor, and I need to be at 70% to get the wheels to turn unloaded. I am using an ATX supply, and was wondering what the max V people have used. For example a 9V supply at 100% Duty will be 7V, and 9V is an awkward voltage (8v even more so), at 12V, lets me get to just under 10V at the motor.

    Has anyone run these above spec like this?

    I have not attached the encoders yet, so I am not using any feedback for speed control.

    Edit -> No feedback after a few days here - I do have the encoders mounted and can use the RedBot library, able to get rotation counts. Really kinda frustrating since there are RedBot functions mixed in the code, and I am trying to use a different motor driver. Does anyone have Encoder Only library?

  • In addition to the whole UL comments - for every PS it would be good to state if the supply is non-isolated ( like an ATX), basic isolation, or double isolated.

  • While a good bartender would be better, it would save on tipping - esp when you get crappy service! - For a cruse ship this seems to be a good solution - people are not as interested in gabbing with the keeper. Make my drink and if you can entertain me - even better.

  • OK Bought in April (10 Mos old with maybe 5 total hours of on time) - I now get 5 beeps - the online (pdf) manual does not have the troubleshooting manual - but page 11 is missing.

    If anyone can help please do so.

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