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  • The case can be nice, but the manufacturer doesn’t QUITE have the fit-and-finish solid on these cases. Yes, they fit your Pi. They won’t all stay shut. Be aware of that detail The review doesn’t tell the whole story.

  • Odd…you list this as being available but yet the OLS board’s retired. What use is this, without the other? Backfill for someone that busted theirs?

  • The thing about moving it to other Xilinx parts is that this is geared for the Mojo dev board. You’d have to design a similar board yourself (or a really narfy lashup for this one) which then means you’re doing a lot of work yourself and need to be knowing precisely what you’re doing on the VHDL/Verilog code in the first place.

  • And, to the point I am making…

    If you follow up the link, this is the class of device I’m referring to (And needing- yes, I’m trying to switch that much current…7 times over…). “Just a MOSFET” doesn’t get you isolation combined with fairly high switch currents without a lot of thought and design that people like Cydom or Opto-22 put into making these things. One could use a motor controller, but it’s not really designed for switching there, they are designed to control brushed or brushless motors which is a differing beastie than a “relay” is.

  • Yes, that it is, but you have to design up the circuit, etc. They make these nifty packaged up devices that don’t need a circuitboard, trying to figure out the resistances needed, etc. and handle quite a bit of amperage.

    Just because it’s essentially just a MOSFET, doesn’t mean someone wants to mess with that aspect of things- sometimes they just want a solid-state switch for a design. Yes, I know, lazy. I’ll own that in this case- but I’ve bigger fish to fry and have limited resources (time being one of them…) on a project of moderate import to a lot more than just myself. They package them up for people for just this reason and it’d be nice to be able to have a one-stop shop for this stuff.

    (Hint: This device is little more than an LED and photo TRIAC and can easily be done that way- but you see it in a similar convienient package…)

  • Ah, someone else looking for what I was.

  • And if you’re adhering, make SURE it’s a thermal adhesive like Artic Alumina.

  • They make Automotive and other DC switched versions of these devices. It’d be nice to have something in this class of device that did this available (And I’m a bit surprised with the emphasis on robotics SparkFun has that they don’t carry such parts in inventory…) Guess I’ll be looking elsewhere for that because I need it for a project and I need to be switching about 4-5A at 12V on an often enough basis that I’m needing to worry about contact life on a electromechanical relay.

  • Yeah, it’s a fusion of an amped up Arduino coupled to an LX9 Spartan6 FPGA device.

  • Heh… Spoken like someone that thinks he knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t grok there’s something called tradeoffs- and sometimes the tradeoffs of being all on one FPGA device works, SOMETIMES THEY DON’T.

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