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  • The claim is correct (I eviscerated a power glove to put it on a "better" glove (which was better than the original material, but the Power Glove's limitations made for problems still)- it is pretty much the sensor that you'll find on the three fingers they sensored on the Glove. Fragile as all get out on the connector edge. The fluctuations are an aspect of the sensor in question. Suggest you apply some filtering on the output of this device on what you're using (they did...)- direct measured data off of this is going to make you pull what's left of your hair right out if you don't. It makes for an "okay" answer for things like this. P5 armored the sensors in flexible plastic to "improve" use, so keep that in mind.

  • Suggest everyone look at other solutions for ZigBee support. Digi's advertising materials say that the Series 2 devices all are "ready to support the HA profile" and only the SMT model has what it takes to support the HA profile. The S2B devices lack the functionality to support it properly, per ALL of the comments from the Digi community veterans and the observed behaviors from my purchased devices. It will work as a network of devices in "Pro" Mesh mode, so it's not a dead loss for me- just not happy about Digi basically fibbing about the product's capabilities in a manner that constitutes a deceptive business practice.

  • The case can be nice, but the manufacturer doesn't QUITE have the fit-and-finish solid on these cases. Yes, they fit your Pi. They won't all stay shut. Be aware of that detail The review doesn't tell the whole story.

  • list this as being available but yet the OLS board's retired. What use is this, without the other? Backfill for someone that busted theirs?

  • The thing about moving it to other Xilinx parts is that this is geared for the Mojo dev board. You'd have to design a similar board yourself (or a really narfy lashup for this one) which then means you're doing a lot of work yourself and need to be knowing precisely what you're doing on the VHDL/Verilog code in the first place.

  • And, to the point I am making...

    If you follow up the link, this is the class of device I'm referring to (And needing- yes, I'm trying to switch that much current...7 times over...). "Just a MOSFET" doesn't get you isolation combined with fairly high switch currents without a lot of thought and design that people like Cydom or Opto-22 put into making these things. One could use a motor controller, but it's not really designed for switching there, they are designed to control brushed or brushless motors which is a differing beastie than a "relay" is.

  • Yes, that it is, but you have to design up the circuit, etc. They make these nifty packaged up devices that don't need a circuitboard, trying to figure out the resistances needed, etc. and handle quite a bit of amperage.

    Just because it's essentially just a MOSFET, doesn't mean someone wants to mess with that aspect of things- sometimes they just want a solid-state switch for a design. Yes, I know, lazy. I'll own that in this case- but I've bigger fish to fry and have limited resources (time being one of them...) on a project of moderate import to a lot more than just myself. They package them up for people for just this reason and it'd be nice to be able to have a one-stop shop for this stuff.

    (Hint: This device is little more than an LED and photo TRIAC and can easily be done that way- but you see it in a similar convienient package...)

  • Ah, someone else looking for what I was.

  • And if you're adhering, make SURE it's a thermal adhesive like Artic Alumina.

  • They make Automotive and other DC switched versions of these devices. It'd be nice to have something in this class of device that did this available (And I'm a bit surprised with the emphasis on robotics SparkFun has that they don't carry such parts in inventory...) Guess I'll be looking elsewhere for that because I need it for a project and I need to be switching about 4-5A at 12V on an often enough basis that I'm needing to worry about contact life on a electromechanical relay.

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