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  • @ flash
    It looks like you didn’t read the description for this product. It doesn’t mention the mini pro or any other Arduino except the Arduino Stamp. That would probably explain the lack of documentation for using it with the mini pro.
    Buy the right Arduino, the Stamp, for this board and you won’t have anything to complain about.

  • Have you fixed the baud rate set-up error in the boot loader?

  • Is the 3V3 power from the FTDI Basic Breakout board not connected directly to either the battery input or the ext in? Will the FTDI Basic Breakout board be damaged if I forget to disconnect alternate power during USB connection>

  • Can you offer the bare boards for sale? Bicycles must have a red light visible from the rear in some states. If you can’t make a profit selling the bare boards maybe you could offer them with red, amber, and green LEDs. The RGB boards are just too expensive to use for wearable turn signal and brake lights.

  • Are the wire wrap pin socket strips available for purchase from SparkFun or is the part number available? I can’t find them in the DigiKey catalog.
    I would like to be able to stack some of the other shields more than one deep.

  • I didn’t get a chance to reuse my nifty red box because I had to remove it from my mailbox with a pocket knife. :-(

  • I can’t find the pinout for the 10 pin serial interface. Neither here or on Roving Networks site. Does anyone have it?

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