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  • They have a whole series of these books, this is just one.

    VERY well done, I think it’s a wonderful thing for something like a first year high school course. It gets the points across easily and not too much fluff, but they do make it entertaining. Not a replacement for “Understanding Physics” by Asimov.

  • Aha moments:

    Why a light bulb in a house gets brighter while an appliance elsewhere is on. Why some fixtures burn out lots of light bulbs. Why the proper application of a finger can fix many circuits. (limited use in high voltage applications)

    Flyback diodes: I know “everybody does it that way” but the common diode across coil method protects the switch (or transistor) at the expense of slowing down the relay contact opening and increasing contact wear in many applications. A zener across the switch is a much better implementation, allowing the field to collapse quickly and not over-protecting the switch or transistor. Simply rate the zener a bit below the max voltage of the transistor/switch.

  • You could take a picture with it sitting on a US $0.25 piece. At least anyone worldwide can work it out from that.

  • A very nice unit.

    I decided to get this one after using the stations we have here at work. (different brand) This one is every bit as good. A little large, but for what it does, it would be hard for it to be small. You will definitely want to practice on some scrap boards first, as it is very easy to get it too hot and delaminate your PCB! Once dialled in it is just like magic.

    It sits next to my metcal, and I think it’s every bit as useful. :)

  • The ArduinoTransporter needs a little debugging yet.

  • The usual suspects.

  • The Overclocking Police were much harder to spot than Jim thought they would be.

  • Side effects may include…

  • At higher magnetic field intensities, certain distortions occur in visual perception.

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