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  • Has anybody had any luck driving these with a raspberry pi (Hardware version B). Some forms seem to indicate that the raspberry pi can not hand the timing requirements of the WS2812 and recommend using the ws2801 instead.

  • I received this unit today and installed it on a bread board with my 16x2 display. I then connected to an Arduino (Model: Ethernet as follows)

    Arduino (GND) to BackBack (GDN) Arduino (5V) to BackBack (5V) Arduino (Tx) to BackPack (Rx)

    I then powered up the arduino and saw the “ SerLCD v2.5” on the LCD and then it went away. I did a quick hello world sketch for Arduino at 9600 baud and uploaded to the arduino. Unfortunately, all I got was gibberish. I saw several reports of receving the unit set to the wrong baud rate. I then wrote the following sketch to test the baud rates and reprogram the device to 9600 baud.

    int g_iBaud = 2400;

    void setup() { // g_iBaud = 4800; g_iBaud = 9600; // g_iBaud = 14400; // g_iBaud = 19200; // g_iBaud = 38400; Serial.begin(g_iBaud); // delay(1500);


    void loop() { Serial.write(0x7C); // Special Char Command Serial.write(0x0D); // Reset to 9600 Baud delay(10);
    Serial.write(0x7C); delay(10); Serial.write(0x04); // Set for 2 Line LCD delay(10); Serial.write(0x7C); delay(10); Serial.write(0x06); // Set for 16 column LCD delay(10); Serial.write(0xFE); //command flag delay(10); Serial.write(0x01); //clear command. delay(100); Serial.write(0x41); // Write out the letter 'A' delay(10); Serial.println(g_iBaud); Write out the Set Baud Rate. delay(1000); }

    I have tried each ot he supported baud rates and still have not had any luck getting the device to give me anything but gibberish after the spash screen goes away. I have also tried adjusting the various delays.

    Thank you in advanced for any help,