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  • Oh, and nice name Pete!

  • Pete is awesome. Big topic, clear video!

  • I have been reading some audio design books.
    So far the best author seems to be Douglas Self
    The LMV358 at first glance seems to be a good amp for Audio, 1mhz unity gain, ...
    Look at the NE5532. Far better slew rate, and awesome little (cheap) opamp. The only trick with this amp is to push a little more current into the input. (just divide the resistors by 10-20). I have been making audio projects with the 5532 and am very pleased.
    Sparkfun should look at this amp (and the self books). Improved my designs x10.

  • No assembly instructions?

  • What do you guuys use to bore the mounting hole?

  • Love the action! Want other colors. Don't make me order elsewhere!

  • Very good reference! I showed it around. You will be getting more orders for this!
    BTW: Wish there was a 20 mil trace. I use that for most of my power lines.

  • This is a very good supply!
    Pros: Small, current limiting rocks for saving your parts from disaster. Seeing how much current you are drawing as you tinker is great. Push button power enable is nice. I saw about 20mvp-p ripple on the power.
    Cons: As stated already getting to my 250ma limit from 5.100A took a few dozen turns of the knob. Btw, spinning the knob really fast does not seem to help, the fly by wire logic inside this unit seems to have a maximum rate of change.
    Stacked 2 of these - 9v + to - 9v + and have a +- 9v supply with all this unit's bells and whistles. My TL072 based signal generator was only drawing 3 ma from the - supply, and 14 from the + supply. So battery life with this circuit should be great.

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