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  • So hot potatoes, kinda like combustible lemons?

  • MOSFET gates are easily damaged when left floating because there is no circuit path for static discharge. (Other than through the thin gate insulation which would be bad). With a pull-down resistor on the gate you create another path. Also you ensure the MOSFET is in the off state when disconnected.

  • Better explain “just stopped working”. Is the heating element not working? Is the tip black or rusted? Did you clean the tip with a wet sponge, brass wool, or by dipping it in flux? Are you using a solder with a high melting temperature?

  • After going back through 7 months of New Product Posts, I pieced together enough video to figure out the secret message. It repeats over and over - eat more pie.

  • Get a piece of crowdfunding history, maybe even before many Apigy backers.

  • Yes - Be sure to align pin 1 of the cable which is the black (ground) wire to pin 1 on the J1 Serial Header which is designated by a white dot. You don’t have to worry about the 5V Vcc on pin 3 of this FTDI adapter as pin 3 on the BBB is not connected.

  • What you’ve stumbled across is current vs electron flow. Current is the sum of all effects of electron, ion, proton, and hole flows. Electron flow is just electrons. Try not to focus only on electrons in metal wire, you’ll miss out on what’s going on inside the battery and LED semiconductor.

    current vs e_flow

    If all you have is a battery, LED and resistor in series, whether the resistor is before or after the LED does not change the current or electron flow.

    ninja’d: it’s all convention, even down to what we call positive and negative

  • Breadboards are also used for kneading dough. You seem to be focused on the Crumb Catching Grate.

  • Have you changed define DISPLAY_TYPE OPENSEGMENT to define DISPLAY_TYPE S7S in Serial_7_Segment_Display_Firmware.ino?

    Are you using the Arduino IDE and selecting the board Serial 7-Segment Display after putting Serial7Seg in the Arduino hardware folder?

  • A Philips press release says the 2-pack $4.97 introductory price is for 90 days or while supplies last.

    From Wired,

    A Philips spokesperson described the new offering as a “transitional” product. Think of it, then, as a gateway drug, a chance to hook people on more efficient lighting and, eventually, the more expensive, more capable LEDs in the Philips arsenal.

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