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  • I'm having trouble getting a sketch using the SparkFun_TLC5940 library to compile. Here's the error:

    Arduino: 1.6.5 (Mac OS X), Board: "Arduino Mega or Mega 2560, ATmega2560 (Mega 2560)"

    In file included from /Users/NKH/Documents/Arduino/libraries/SparkFun_TLC5940/src/tlc_animations.h:30:0, from DisplayBoardTest.ino:2: /Users/NKH/Documents/Arduino/libraries/SparkFun_TLC5940/src/tlc_progmem_utils.h:32:27: error: variable or field 'tlc_setGSfromProgmem' declared void void tlc_setGSfromProgmem(prog_uint8_t *gsArray); ^ /Users/NKH/Documents/Arduino/libraries/SparkFun_TLC5940/src/tlc_progmem_utils.h:32:27: error: 'prog_uint8_t' was not declared in this scope /Users/NKH/Documents/Arduino/libraries/SparkFun_TLC5940/src/tlc_progmem_utils.h:32:41: error: 'gsArray' was not declared in this scope void tlc_setGSfromProgmem(prog_uint8_t *gsArray);

    OK, this looks like a typedef got left out, so I added the line "typedef uint16_t prog_uint8_t;" to tlc_animations.h. Now I'm having no luck getting the library to recompile. Poking around on the internet, I found some suggestions to delete the .o file, but I can't find where that hides out.

    Any ideas on the next step?

  • Never mind, I just realized that the board came with the chip already on it. I suppose you could unsolder the original chip and replace it with the new version, but that seems like a lot of hassle.

  • Is that necessary? A quick scan of the pinouts from the two datasheets showed that the pinouts are identical. Can I go ahead and use the old boards, or is there something I missed?

  • Is this meant to fit in the Sparkfun project cases? It seems like it, but I'd hate to buy the combination and find out they don't. Thanks!