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  • Ditto - I'm sweating on these also.

  • Tried the example code but always returned s1=0; switched s1 to pin 11 and problem solved (someone smarter than me can explain why).

    Mounted horizontally the sensor needs to tilt about 25 degrees before change of state.

  • Check it out with a SEN-09404 if you don't believe me!

  • It's just methane; it won't hurt you!

  • Great product for the dust-afflicted or gotta-have-it-sensor-freaks (me too). Pity about the mounting, cable, connector and crimping issues - maybe SparkFun could offer this on a breakout board with a 1/2" cable to suit? I'll take two at $19.95 each......

  • Thanks, Babcoccl, all good now - had a bad 5v connection. Accuracy within 0.5 degree C; pretty good for $10.
    Cheers; Dave

  • Thanks to NetHoncho for the library and code - a great help. Have hooked the sensor up as suggested but just get this error: "Requesting data... ACK time out". Does anyone have any ideas how to overcome this?

  • For Arduino to Arduino (ie no pc) do I just need 2 XBees and 2 shields? Will they work straight out of the box? I plan to use a humidity and temp sensor at one end tx-ing to a lcd (and maybe SD-card) at the other. And I guess I can stack an lcd shield on top of an XBee?

  • Bought one of these recently and ity works great with 16 outputs. Is there any way of using a second Mux (with an Arduino) to get 32 outputs?

  • Hi;
    Can you post the sample code for using a joystick to control the pan/tilt bracket? Having finally got it assembled correctly (I think the assembly instructions are dodgy) and working in 2 axes (using Sweep) I'm still having trouble with the joystick control.....
    - thanks

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