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  • The heat shrink oven in the packaging lab where I attended college was occasionally used to reheat lasagna. ;-)

  • It has been a long time, 20+ years, since I have worked with MOSFETs. I have a new project where they are perfect for the switching I need to do, so this was a great refresher.

    I also have another project where I need to do some current limiting, 300ma-500ma at 3V-4V, along with some PWM. Dimming 'high power' LEDs. It would be nice to get a video about how to use a MOSFET in that situation.

  • Thanks for getting a panel mount version of the encoder. This is exactly what I need for a project. Any chance of making the code from the demo available?

  • I mean through hole mounting, with a threaded section around the shaft. Not through ole soldering.
    With this one you need to solder to a board and then mount the board so the shaft goes through any sort of panel.

  • I got one of these and they are pretty nifty. What I would really love is this same encoder with through hole mounting.

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