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  • sorry, Colorado Cultural Clash of Civilizations Creativity Crew

  • Cultural Clash of Civilizations Creativity Crew?

  • same issue here. Can't find the library on github through the link or browsing sparkfun's github page.

  • Something that has right angle headers on each side but easily flexes to plug into a stacked configuration like a shield. I thought about this because of the teensy and seen your offset arduino pin headers. I don't want to not be forced to decide how to set things up on a circuit's layout to plug into other things. It would be cool to just flex headers at the angle needed or in any other way these flex circuits can do so. Maybe make an arduino clone or shield in a fractal pattern so it can bend any area any which way you need it for hooking up into other devices (I imagine i2c). One mental image is arduino shields stacking like viruses rather than a big sandwich. If nothing else an arduino made out into a spiral fractal pattern could be folded up a ball that would fit in a small pocket or a toy capsule like those Japanese Gashapon. If you do that maybe make the connectors sturdy (JST?) and/or playful like littlebits. Also, just making a flexible board means I could throw these in tubing with other stuff. Break the traditional place boards in a box and then worry about the box in my overall project shape routine!

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