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  • Interesting analysis,
    we do science in computational Biology and AI and I if I would be asked to summarize our lab philosophy I would say:
    -Try to make as many experiments as possible, because they are the things that tell you what works and what doesn't
    -If something fails, you learned something. Failing is okay, don’t be ashamed or frustrated or anything, keep up making experiments
    -If you screw up (in code, personally, in the lab, where ever) tell us! A bug removed is a good bug, nothing is worse then publishing mistakes, we are all humans and we expect you to screw up…
    -It is okay to be unconventional, after all we are in science and we are supposed to do new things, if you want to set yourself apart you can’t swim with everyone else
    -it is not about who is right but what is right, we share the fame equally within the team later, once we published the right results that WE found
    In summary this is very similar to what you do, nice to read that from someone else,
    cheers Arend

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