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  • This new post is now the third search result on Google for "SPARC international". Good job protecting their "highly valuable trademarks".
    It seems unfair to blame Sun for this however, SPARC International is an independent organization created by Sun to hold the IP of SPARC products, but they do not directly control it anymore. It looks like they don't manufacture anything and live similarly to ARM Holdings, through licensing and lawsuits.
    Interestingly the K&L Gates law firm is a member of SPARC International.

  • Imagine a world where hackers, advertisers, cops can take over one's vision and alter it in any way they want, possibly without the wearer's knowledge ... Ghost in the Shell anyone ?

  • @mikedamage : despite what the description says only UVB (<320nm) can give you sun burns, and only UVC (<280nm) are germicidal.
    Also, the Candela is a visible light intensity unit, it does not make much sense here.

  • TFXTDOL ? Is it a fake TEXTOOL socket ? The patent number seems fake too : The socket looks fine though ...

  • Another comment : because of the regulator, it is not feasible to achieve the low power consumption the nRF24L01+ is capable of. In power down mode, the nRF24L01+ consumes less than 1uA. However the regulator draws at least about 80uA. I measured a total of 90uA in power down mode in one of the modules I bought.

  • Apart from the regulator and capacitor, this is the reference design found in the nRF24L01 datasheet.

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