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  • Now that you only carry the Gen 2 board and there are significant updates to the Intel Galileo website and the Galileo software, could you please update this Getting Started Guide so it reflects how to do everything with the new hardware/software/firmware/drivers/etc.? I can't seem to communicate with my Galileo using Tera Term and a micro usb cable on a Windows 7 PC. Thanks.

  • This is a UFO, right? Tasty Extra Terrestrials inside, right?

  • Yes! . . . the final component! My Kitty-Tormentor will ready for testing shortly.

  • I don't disagree. "Pass it now and fix it later" gave us ObamaCare.

    I guess my main point got lost in a long post - offer better solutions rather than just rejecting/protesting the current offering.

    An example -- my biggest frustration with the Occupy Wall Street folks was they were simply protesting what they believe are unjust structures within our capitalist system (misguided or not). I never saw any rational/logical/practical solutions to what they believe are problems. Yes, they made demands, but those demands were not solutions, they were simply a laundry list of wants.

  • Open source and free distribution of ideas/intellectual property are great. But I doubt we'd have iPhones if Apple wasn't able to protect it's designs and intellectual property. I'm not big into movies and music and I'm not a gifted author, so I've never written anything anyone would want to publish. But I think actors (and the studios that produce their movies), composers/musicians (and the labels that help them get their work distributed), and writers of all types (and the publishing companies that make their work available to those who still like to read paper and ink) should have some sort of protection from the rampant piracy of their intellectual property that has exploded with the growth of the internet (at least some protection for some reasonable period of time). If SOPA and PIPA are not the solution, what is? SOPA and PIPA wouldn't be moving through Congress if someone didn't think they were a step in the right direction. Rather than just simply urging your Representatives and Senators to reject these bills, how about if all the smart folks that use this site suggest a better solution(s)?

  • Not a particularly stimulating way to win $100, but I came back for a few minutes worth of typing every 15 minutes or so and just won. I agree with others - there must be a better way to test Sparkfun's servers. As for rewarding us with some free goodies, I like the idea of logging in on Free Day, getting into the pool, then Sparkfun using a random number generator to select winners rather than us having to type Captchas. But, I won, so I'm not feeling too bad!

  • So, that's my plan for getting a free ride on SpaceShipOne.

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