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  • My favorite SparkFun Block for Edison is the Dual H-Bridge because that is the way I roll...you know, forward and backward.

  • I enjoy new product Fridays! I have a question on the FTDI cable. What do you mean by "It's a 3 volt cable"? And just an observation...the new RPi B+ was supposed to reduce its octopus nature, but imagining cables coming from all the cutouts on the new case...it is still an octopus. I am glad they went to a micro SD card. I broke mine due to forgetting the SD card was sticking out and leveraging the very fragile plastic SD guide rail off of one side. I had to solder in a replacement SD card reader. :-)

  • There are optional terminal blocks (J1 and J2) in the kit instructions for the 120 vac supply and load side but no part numbers or other details - does Sparkfun have these terminal blocks? Note that the kit says the maximum gauge wire for the terminal blocks OR the solder pads is 14 ga. solid wire.

  • Are configuration settings made just by editing the configuration text file on the data logger? If so, what configuration settings are required to log the temperature sensor readings for the example shown? What does the logged data look like for this sensor and would it be possible to show an excerpt from the actual logged data file for this temperature sensor? What would it look like (just a general idea) for other analog inputs and for digital inputs if, as in the temperature sensor case, you do no up front processing, but just hook the sensor up to the Logomatic? Is it true that you can use up to ten sensors at one time? Thanks for your patience with a data logging rookie and for any help you can provide. I know that a foolish man can ask more questions than a wise man can answer. :-)

  • Thanks for the research...much appreciated.

  • I would also like to know if it works with a Yun. Or what I would need to adapt the weather shield to the Yun. Thanks in advance for any help or tips! (no guesses please, I am interested if someone has actually done it, I know you guys can make anything work :-) but I would like to have a little head start and know the Yun and weather shield really play well together :-).

    PS: FYI I noticed today (Dec. 11) the GPS module and the rain/wind sensor package are on backorder :-(.

  • It was very interesting seeing the digital calipers taken apart. Thanks for sharing this.

  • I don't see a good way to cut these without losing a pin since the amount of plastic in the wall between each pin is so thin.
    If you accept losing a pin you can make the cut on the side closer to the pin you will lose. So you get to keep the entire wall, thin as it is -- it works.
    I used a sharp wood chisel and a hammer and got a good cut. A very light touch up with some sandpaper dressed the ends nicely.
    I should have read these comments before I figured this out the hard way - I looked closely for the breakaway score, couldn't find it, assumed it was some kind of fancy "invisible" breakaway and even though I sensed something was wrong I tried snapping one of these with a pair of needlenose -- epic fail and the 7 pin header I was shooting for became a 6 pin header :-( Duhhohh. LOL

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