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  • What is the resolution on this load cell when connected to the HX711 board? I need to be able to weigh 0.1 grams, and I would like the largest capacity I can find that will give that resolution.

  • You can order $200 worth of stuff and each get $50 off.

  • Hah! Busted! I'm sure that the Waterloo Record will be hearing from SPARC International's lawyers any moment now. :-)

  • Great camera. Well made & pretty good picture quality. I had previously tried an X-10 X-Cam 2 and the difference is incredible. The reception is far better, and unlike the x-10 it's non-directional. It can be used either wired or wirelessly. It's surprisingly small. The perspective of the main pic makes it look larger then it really is. That said, it's pretty heavy for it's size, so it might not be good for aerial projects (you could reduce the weight by close to 50% (not including the battery) by removing the wires, but since the power plugs in to the same cable bundle, you'll need to figure out how to get power in). Low light performance is not great, and the things that look like IR LEDs aren't- this is useless in a dark room. Overall, this is a great little camera.

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