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  • I think I'm having this exact issue--I can't read from the analog pins and have El wire on at the same time, it hangs up the program loop, probably because of the noise on the circuit. When I print the reading back to serial out, it is definitely corrupted.

  • noob question: I want to use the EL Sequencer to light EL wire in a pattern that might have up to 10 meters (3 strands) of EL wire on at the same time. From the test results described above, a single inverter might not be enough to light more than 20 feet at maximum brightness. So my question is, how would I go about increasing the power to the EL wire--do I use more than one inverter? If so, would I also need 2 sequencers? Or is there a way to connect 2 inverters to 1 sequencer (without destroying the sequencer), and, if so, how would I do that? Thanks in advance for any help.

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