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  • "Shcematic" -- I'm guessing this is the British way of spelling this? :P

    Great board! Definitely a good deal compared to the Zero.

  • This is possible with any microcontroller as long as you can either control the loop time or get the current system time (like http://arduino.cc/en/Reference/millis or something). You find out how much time has passed since the last read. What the acceleration is currently. And then add the velocity increase/decrease in the last iteration of the loop to a "velocity" variable. You are of course assuming that the acceleration is constant between iterations of loops. This comes from v = v0 + at.

    Code might be clearer.

    void setup() {
        lastMs = millis();
    void loop() {
        accel = readAccel();
        ms = millis();
        deltaMs = ms - lastMs;
        velocity += (accel * (deltaMs / 1000));
        lastMs = ms;
  • Cool product video and all, but you guys should have a random alt section of Sparkfun for creations from Sparkfun creations.

    This stuff is great!

  • "This product is guaranteed to work in any of our SD sockets, MMC sockets, microSD sockets, or products that use a SD or MMC card." -- Does this mean Sparkfun guarantees these things will work with the simple SPI protocol that stuff like Netduino and Arduino use?

    That's the biggest problem I have with buying these things these days.

  • When are these coming back in stock? I NEED (NEEEED) ESD safe tweezers with a Sparkfun logo on it!

  • Sorry, was just checking out schematic and noticed. Didn't mean to make false accusations :P

  • So I might be missing something, but I'm looking at the schematic and it looks like OUT4 is shorted to VCC. I guess Eagle thought you wanted to make a junction where you cross VCC over the OUT line.
    Just a heads up.

  • Awesome stuff.<br />
    <br />
    Just wanted to note, excel 2007 and over support 1 million+ rows and make prettier graphs :P

  • Does sparkfun provide any kind of high volume supply? Or would it be possible to get information on where you are getting this module from?

  • I got the AVR programmer (Pocket Programmer for $15) and took out the limits and ran my motors from a voltage supply. The ALERTS show up even if you hit 1.5A. I have a feeling sparkfun wrote the code to limit it to 2A TOTAL. Whereas each channel can take 2A. We took out the limits and let the supply hit almost 3.5A and the controller works like a charm. So you just need to get the firmware and the programmer and change the ADC threshold to be something higher (I think they made it 150... which is around 1.5, so 3.5 is around 3.5A total).
    YES, it's still a bummer that sparkfun still hasn't fixed this. But programming the board does have it's advantages... like now you can have some ADC pins you can use!

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