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  • Product BOB-00099 | about 10 months ago

    I wrote a dinky little GUI in java for this device if anyone wants to check it out. Its at my site: http://www.servophilia.com/java.html

  • Product LCD-09363 | about a year ago

    Is anyone still having high pitch noise coming off of the booster coil? I didn’t think much of it until I could not get reliable analog reads from the analog pins. I discovered that the booster coil induced noise into the analog pins due to proximity. If you have a shield with a high pitch booster circuit then attach a 10mF capacitor across the 5v supply as close to the shield(if not soldered on)as possible to get rid of the hum.

  • News - The Geekiest Wedding Invi… | about a year ago

    If only Sparkfun had a wedding registry…

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