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Member Since: April 18, 2011

Country: United States



Senior technical manager for ABC National News


If there’s a crisis, it’s my problem

Spoken Languages

English, C++, Merlin (6502)

Programming Languages

French, English


Any association that would want me I probably wouldn’t want to join…


Princeton, University of Texas, Phoenix, UT Austin


Figuring out how and why it doesn’t work. (Look, it’s smoking! Fix it!)

  • I looked at the specs for this mic at: http://www.analog.com/en/mems-sensors/microphones/admp401/products/product.html#similar_product_table….
    It indicated a possible issue. This mic system has a VERY low current out 250 uA, into a VERY low 200 ohm impedance. That is NOT much juice. Use an Op-amp step up, or a FET amplifier? It’s not working because there is nothing THERE!

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