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  • I am going to build the world's highest-precision R2R ladder out of several reels of those 0Ω resistors, once I can find some that are exactly twice their value.

  • These are really nice -- you get 12 at a good price (another site charges as much for only 6) and they make a very satisfying "KER-CLICK!" when pressed. The tops are flat, so applying a small circular decal should be no problem.

  • Man, these are hyper-bright. The three LEDs have a combined output of 30 to 40 candela, making this array on the order of 100x the brightness of a generic 5mm LED. If you look directly at them for even a moment, you will see spots for quite a while. They have a fairly narrow viewing angle (30° according to the data sheet) so they're safe to look at from the side.
    I may try diffusing mine with a gentle sandpaper rub...

  • Same complaints as other folks: The cutters are dull, the two blades don't line up, and they don't make good flush cuts -- they make sharp points. For about the same price you can get a very similar-looping but far better pair of nippers at a certain shopping-mall store with the initials "R.S."

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