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  • Wouldn't that depend on where this 12 V actually is? If the MOSFET is turned on hard (say Vgs = 5V) Rds(on) will be about 0.047 ohms, at 1/20 of an ohm, 10A across the MOSFET is about 1/2V (the other 11.5V is across the motor) That would be around 5W for the MOSFET, one would want a heat sink, but otherwise it seems to me that would be ok. If one it trying to turn in on with 3V, I'd suggest one be generous with the heat sink with Vgs =3, Rds(on) may be 2 or 3 times as high as it is at 5V, if I'm interpreting figure 6 correctly.

  • The data sheet says the minumum "load supply voltage' is 80V. It also says the maximum zero crossing voltage is 35V, so at 24V it may not "see" the sero crossing and never turn on.

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