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  • After several hours of trying to find any info on this shield I couldn’t. I did find a few things out that should be very helpful to anyone trying to use this as a midi shield. First the code examples looks like they were originally written for the previous midi board but will still work, it is just the pin out descriptions are a little off. Which brings me to the helpful part. To get midi working without actually connecting the shield to the Adruino board you need to connect (Arduino board->Music Shield); Rest->RST, 5v->+5v, GND->GND(I used the GND next to the VIN but any should work), RX->RX, D03->3, D04->4. Once you do that and load the example code, plug in the headset and you should hear the midi notes. The example code also uses a library called NewSoftSerial and that folder needs to be unzipped to the Arduino libraries folder. The file can be found here: While you can rewrite the code to just output to the midi serial port (just delete all serial. references and change all mySerial. to Serial.) and not use the NewSoftSerial library I find it useful to have one port sending the midi commands and the other sending test data that you can view using the serial monitor.

  • I can’t find any examples on using this board. Can it be used to process midi commands and output through the 1/8" jack?

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