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  • Very cool device: and I’ve got my order in! :-)
    Note also folks (Micah Dowty) are interfacing Android via Blue Tooth using the Propeller chip:
    A friend of mine has not however yet been successful to copy/emulate what was Micah was able to do using the Propeller and a cheap blue tooth usb dongle.
    And, blue tooth will be a bit slow, so this IOIO USB interface is just the ticket I wanted anyways.
    I’m not sure why the folks over at Parallax that make the Propeller chip aren’t also trotting something like this Android USB interface out, or just a standalone BlueTooth Android interface board.
    Things are certainly going to get interesting…now sensors can be separated from their interactive displays…hmmm…and there’s a lot of standalone sensors, such as example:
    - a Ulta-Sound device in hospital,
    - or a Gieger Counter,
    These type of sensor devices dedicate 80% of their internal resources to info display and user interaction. Hmmm…what is the market dynamic if most all sensors could simply interact with a standard API?…with a polyanna expectation that most everyone has an Android device to display and interact with the sensor: Efficiencies!

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