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  • We have 2 wifly gsx breakout modules. We want to connect computers screen to projector device wireless using these modules.
    1-)We connected computers 15pin vga ports Red, Green,Blue,grounds, vertical and horizontal pins as GIO inputs of wifly. And this wifly has ADC. We expect to see these inputs as digital matrixes. But we couldn't find out a tera-terminal code for this?Do we need arduino or pic.?
    2-)İf we solve first problem, we need to transform these inputs to our second wifly. How can we send?
    3-) We need to convert second wiflys digital inputs into analog signals(because projection devices use analog inputs vga) but our module doesnt have DAC. How can we solve this?
    There is also a second option that we use only one wifly module for this project. The computer sends the screen data to wifly that connected to projection device and it sends the analog signal to device. Bu we couldnt figure out if computer saves screen shots as digital matrixes and it can be change for various graphic cards. Can you advice smth for this

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