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  • Thanks guys!

  • Any chance we could get a copy of the curriculum for the Lilypad class? We're trying to do a similar course down here in Orlando. Great chance to get people into the hobby, and sell a few Sparkfun kits. :)

  • Robert, the Getting Started Guide link goes to the FTDI Basic Product. Needs a quick fix. :)

  • As a hackerspace member (FamiLAB), I can't express how important this is for us. If there were full class sets (and maybe a volume discount) we would certainly purchase SF wares. We're starting to run classes every month.

  • Still doing it.

  • So, I tried to make a wishlist with a complete kit for this book and here's what I came up with. It has everything except the 2x - 1.0uf 50v capacitor.

  • Wired one of these up to my Arduino. I didn't have a 180ohm resistor, so I wired 2x 100ohm resistors in series instead. Seemed to work just fine, though, I would strongly recommend looking at the diffused version, as you can see the distinct RGB channels in this one if you don't use a good diffusing material. That said, this thing is incredibly bright. My eyes... so shiny...
    Anyways, for a couple bucks, it was neat for a short while. Get the diffused one, and the amusement becomes a lot more useful.

  • Bought one of these and a 74HC595 Shift Register. I'm pretty new to electronics, and I'm still confused on how this thing is properly grounded, doesn't require resistors, etc but it works. I used the bildr tutorial on the 74HC595 and the Arduino tutorial to get it running. I think I learned more about shift registers just by wiring this up than any other reading I could have done.
    The display itself is incredibly bright, almost blindingly. It is the rich, bright blue as shown in the product photos. It is not cyan, which makes it look that much better. Tempted to pick up the 4x unit with SPI now, just because they look so darn good.