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  • "BOING"

  • Lamp Shade (like the ones that used to clip on/over a bulb), especially for an incandescent or halogen bulb.

  • Heard of How about building a physical interface, with the idea of a smallish manikin (a head, biped or quadruped etc... device). To create/record (like digital stop-motion) and playback motion/animation files through blender. An alternative to mocap, with the added feature of using the animation feature of the program to control animatronics. A plug-in could be written in python by someone skilled enough. But the treat would be watching your project, however small you wish to make it, repeatedly replay your animation when and how you want, even if it has to be connected to a computer. Think those gaudy Christmas light shows are cool using Vixen and an arduino? How about a fully animatronic halloween or Xmas display... oooh the possibilities. /evil grin

  • Now it just needs a Vocoder.

  • OOPS!

  • Business is great, we had to double our work force just to keep up!

  • The similarities are slight really... I think the first step would be to determine which logo/artwork is actually older... but in all honesty if similarity was a "good" reason to throw their weight around exercising laws I would think that companies like Nike would be having a heyday, seems like every where you look you see something similar. But I guess they are probably counting on lawyers fees to be an issue, most people back down from that kind of expense. Though You could just rotate the gear, its not like the open part has to be facing any particular angle to be effective. Not to mention Good logo design usually doesnt include words, especially when a symbol is used. Both logos look amateurish to me.

  • I enjoy both but prefer projects, here is why. People usually only ask questions when they are doing something relevant, by the time a question is answered they have probably already found the answer they were looking for. The internet is good that way. So Q and A is a little pointless when its only done once a month although those videos are interesting and I learned quite a bit from them... Projects on the other hand are more useful even though there are quite a few sites that do them too, they are lacking in the one area where this series is very strong... its not just how something is done but why it was done a certain way. I learn far more from the projects part in this series than from the Q & A. When I have a problem I need an answer too, I will find it myself rather than wait for an answer from a single source. So my Vote is 100% Projects.

  • So do you mean Triumvirate instead of Triumverate? ;)

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