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  • I wish there was a way to compare Win7 to the code that does multi-beam and spotlight and synthetic aperture RADAR in a modern fighter plane (usually G5 PowerPCs).
    A way to compare apples to oranges? Sounds like a slippery slope to me. Not sure where the bit about PowerPCs comes in; SAR had been around for a long time before the G5 came about, so I can’t see how it would be ‘usual’ for them to use that chip instead of the custom DSPs they actually use.
    As regards the self-driving cars: I can’t see it for a looong time. On top of the practical considerations, lots of people just won’t want it. I know I feel a bit frustrated by the AT that I currently drive and can’t remember the last time I touched the cruise switch (and I live in northern Canada; I drive 90 miles to work and come to one stop sign, and journeys of 700-800 miles are not out of the ordinary.) I know not everyone cares as much about it as I do but there are a lot of us out there.