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  • It's worth warning people: do NOT substitute any-old 30-gauge solid-core wire for a real wire-wrap wire. The kynar insulation (and probably any suitable substitute) used in wire-wrap is specifically resistant to getting pinched-out and forms a critical protection against accidental shorts and bridging with adjacent lines.

  • Am I reading the datasheet right in that P3 and P6 are the middle-of-the-winding contacts that show up in, for example, the typical application circuit for a TI TPS237x PoE chip?

  • This looks about right for building a homebrew monitor profiler that actually yields useful results. It's not quite the 7 filters or whatever a Spyder has, but it's probably enough to find the color primaries of a screen in XYZ or LAB.

  • Is there any SoC capability toward ethernet that might allow that on a block in the future? Cheaper wifi aside this looks like a great chip for advanced openWRT applications.

  • My math says if you want a 232" 480p screen with these it's going to cost a little over 16 grand. Probably worth every penny.

  • Time for a dumb question: is this motor reversible? The data sheet seems a little vague on this.

  • Yup! You live in Boulder.

  • I should have noticed the picture scaling this against a quarter. My GOD this thing is tiny! Just to get it connected I'm going to have to place it on a board with well under half a mm in accuracy in any given direction. I think I'll wait on that for a couple years 'till I think I'm competent enough to hotplate solder surface mount components. I think if you value your sanity you should wait for a breakout board.

  • Looking at the manual this thing really begs for something special in a breakout board or shield, probably both. It's not really programmable by default but the settings for this thing are so rich you could literally make it poll an analog sensor every x seconds and POST the results to a web server with NO microcontroller attached at all. And that's a pretty trivial example!

  • It can do ad-hoc mode, no authentication. The manual says it looks like an access point while doing it. I don't see options in the manual for a DHCP server.

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