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  • I purchased this but after much searching was unable to find any LED driver for use with this common cathode display. I ended up using a much cheaper, and lower quality, common anode display I found on ebay. The nice thing about the drivers I ended up using (TLC5940) was the current could be set with a single resistor and they supported PWM which was what I was looking for. While you could still use those with their PWM to switch transistors to drive the anodes it’s not really an elegant solution and the TLC5940’s minimum current is 5mA, below which they operate somewhat unpredictably. I’ve seen a common anode version of this display on ebay and I’d recommend SparkFun stock that instead if possible. Anyway, this display inspired my design project at UCSD and here’s a video of what can be done with them. I made a spectrum analyzer and spectrogram out of the display using the MSGEQ7 available here on SparkFun. Micro-controller was an Arduino UNO: Graphic Audio Analyzer

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