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  • Be Prepared to do the following before using these test leads: 1) Pull back the slippery covers to expose the clips 2) Inspect the clip - if the two jaws don’t line up use a pliers to squeeze the rivet tighter, then re-align as needed. Mostly, this will fix this issue. 3) Apply some solder to the upper jaw’s rear thumb lever - this will help the cover a lot slip less. 4) Either carefully solder the leads into the clips “as is” or disassemble, tin the lead and clip, and solder. Because these are badly assembled (hey, for $2.95 I’m NOT bitch'n here!) you really need to do this or you’ll end up with too much resistance or an open circuit when you use these things! 5) Slip the cover back over the clip and check the resistance while wiggling the wires at then solder point. I’ve had good luck w/ these cheap-o’s once I performed these upgrades.

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