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  • I bought this specifically for my IOIO as it was listed as a related item. It does NOT work for me with Droid Incredible. Hardware v SPRK0016, Bootloader vIOIO0301, App vIOIO0324, IOIOLib vIOIO0324. It is recognized in my PC, however. If anyone has any tips on how to make it work, it would be appreciated.

  • So, I replaced the MIC5205 with an MIC5219 (500mA) thinking I needed more current. Still didn't work. On further inspection, there was a cold solder on the ground pin of the XBee connector. Touched it up and BINGO! it works great. I left the MIC5219 on because it's working so I don't know if the MIC5205 would work as well.

  • Looks like it's the power issue alluded to in other comments. The Vcc on the XBee is only 2.8V. Without the module plugged in the Vcc is at 3.3V. Perhaps you should offer a Pro version of this board with a beefier regulator.

  • I am trying to use this with a Pro 900 (WRL-09098) and it is not working. I have tested the modules in official Digi dev kits and they work fine. The USB Explorer will not transmit or receive. The power light is on, the RSSI light is on and the tx light flashes when characters are sent to it. They just don't get to the other end. Any ideas?

  • There should be another version to accommodate the BeagleBuddy Zippy.

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