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  • Can the traces be be soldered with SMD components?

  • I have seen this a few times..sometimes simply unplugging from USB and reconnecting has worked for me. However I was also changing SPI clock division for some code so I had to get that right before I stopped seeing this error as well.

  • Will this work with a Due? It looks like the pins would match up.

  • Anyone know if this can be an A2DP source yet?

  • Interestingly, the online spec identifies A2DP support as both source and sink. However I received this reply from Microchip today when asked about it:

    "The RN52 is presently limited an A2DP audio sink and SPP slave mode. There is an RN52 firmware update to address known bugs and add an additional CODEC algorithm, but no plans to offer master and slave mode with SPP or sink and source to A2DP in the near future."

  • Does Apple restrict SPP?

  • Can this use A2DP when the RN52 is the audio source rather than the sink?

  • The overview on MicroChip's website says "Available as an A2DP audio source or sink." Is it possible there are different revisions of the RN52?

    I'm interested in using the A2DP as a source, along with SPP functions.

  • I am getting error code 0x01,0XFF "No card, wrong chip select pin, or SPI problem?" Sometimes I can get around it be resetting the board, but it's very problematic. I can't find a definition for error code 0xFF anywhere in the library files. Anyone else encounter this or know what it may be from?

  • I had head phones plugged in and it was working fine until I unplugged the headphones during playback...now I get various error codes and can't get it to play consistently even after rebooting and re-loading the sample code... Could I have fried it?

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