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  • This block (and the UART block) offers the possibility to switch between the Edison UART1 and UART2. However, I have not found a clear answer to how to enable UART2 which is used by default by the console. The question has been asked on the Intel forum where the correct answer suggests to reproduce what is being done on the Edison Arduino breakout firmware. However, this approach relies on the presence of a /etc/inittab file that cannot be found in my Edison installation. So what would be the recipe to unleash this capability in the Sparkfun blocks?

    EDIT: After some research, I have been able to find a crude way to disable the console on UART2, thanks to this post

    FIRST MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE ACCESS TO THE CONSOLE WIRELESSLY THROUGH SSH, as you will need this access to reattach the console to UART2 later on if you wish. Open an SSH session and disable the console with:

    fw_setenv bootargs_console

    then reboot

    shutdown -r now

    To re-attach: - Open an SSH session and enable the console with

    fw_setenv bootargs_console console=ttyMFD2 earlyprintk=ttyMFD2,keep

    then reboot.

    This could surely be automated the same way as in the Edison Arduino firmware.

  • You have not been charged yet. Just cancel the command.

  • If you have such confidence in the product, why are you monitoring the delivery date?

  • I understand that unless you want to solder wires directly to the prototyping area, what type of connector would the most appropriate to get access to the full array of connections (4 x 17) from under the breakout?

  • Will this be a 3.3 or 5 V Arduino?

  • For those of you who are willing to invest your time in a rigorous calibration effort, here is a 20$ alternative, using a Pro Mini 3.3V.

  • Yes it is. See

  • A correction to the previous comment : you CAN release the chip select line during the measurement. It only has to be down during SPI communications : when sending the command, and when reading the result, preferably using an external interrupt on the DRDY line. The responsiveness of this magnetometer is so sharp (no hysteresis) that you can avoid using a gyro. See

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