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  • I’m using this and an Arduino to control a string of 12V LEDs. When I add power to my setup the LEDs don’t shut off completely they’re pulling a little bit of current. I have no idea why this is happening. Anyone know what would be causing this?

    Thanks Rich

  • I’d like to use these in the same way. Does anyone know of any boards that can do this?

  • Can you run a 12V power supply with these?

  • Anyone have any luck getting this to run with a Raspberry Pi? If so please share you code and schematic.

    Thx Rich

  • I’m running a couple of these from a Raspberry Pi. One of them is right on a breadboard, the other is on a 15ft wire lead. When I place the two sensors next to each other indoors they read within 0.1 degree Fahrenheit, Awesome! When I run the wire lead outside the accuracy goes down substantially as much as 30 degrees. The outdoor accuracy is almost perfect at night but when the sun comes out I get the wide range of error. Are these things light sensitive? Where is the noise coming from?

    Note that I’m using a LaCrosse thermometer, which work great, as my reference.

    Thanks Rich

  • Ugh, I designed my project around these and now they’re out of production :(

  • How are you installing these things in the real world? I’ve been sticking them on walls with thumb tack pins. Would it be safe to use 2 sided tape?

    What are best practices for this sort of thing?

    Thanks Rich

  • Yes, I’m interested in the connectors too!

  • Yeah I agree the adafruit version offers more possibilities. And yes, much love to Spark Fun!

  • WARNING - As others have stated in this thread the data sheet is wrong wiring has changed.

    Red - Alarm Brown - Ground Black - 12V

    It’s cool if all your sensors or wired one way or the other but I have a dozen sensors with the two configurations mixed together.

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