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  • Hi Doc,
    i’m searching for some code to get data from the stick! i use arduino uno for now but want to try it with the pro mini and if it is possible connect with XBee Explorer Regulated with Zigbee!!!
    can you send me some code? so i try it out..

  • Hi Paolo hi devangel77b,
    i want to use the 9dof sensor stick of sparkfun with an arduino pro mini 328, too. But i do not really know how should i put it together, do i need any resistors because both are 3.3V? Can you give me any tips how i can connect the board with sensor stick or a schematic. For the beginning i connected Arduino Uno with the stick to grab any data. (Connection from Arduino to Stick: 3.3V and AREF to VCC, GND to GND, SDA to A4 and SCL to A5) Is that correct?
    Thanks a lot,

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