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  • For hobbyists, this looks great. If you don't need too many pins, but do need connectivity, this looks like the cheapest way to go about it - blows arduino + wifi shield out of the water, cost and size-wise. It also looks nice in that you could put it inside a sealed enclosure (say an underwater sensor module or something) and still be able to update the code. It would be nicer if you also had the option of writing code on the bare metal using a physical programmer, though.

    I have a hard time seeing commercial applications, though. Would you expect this to be in some consumer product? Would the consumer be the one switching the imps? If so, for what purpose? Maybe I'm being thick but for a commercial product, how is this better than a permanent uC + wifi on your existing PCB?

    Edit: Alright, nevermind: I found the "For Manufacturers" section on your website - I'm still curious how you intend to educate the average consumer on how to use EIs & when to swap them - while you could just embed the thing inside a product, that doesn't really seem like the intended application. Also, what happens if your servers get hacked (don't pretend this is impossible)? People will be able to run arbitrary code on every EI in the world. Seems like a pretty bad risk for a commercial product.

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