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  • I have
    1. Arduino UNO
    2.this model of xbee
    3.and xbee breakout board
    I tried to load firmwares in my xbee with the above equipement but I failed.
    XCTU is not able to communicate with my xbee.
    So can anyone guide me how to load firmwares in my xbee nw?

  • hey so which one should I buy .. this or regulated xbee breakout board..I dont wnt to complicate things much.. I just want my xbees to work...

  • when will it be available?my cart is ready. I just wana add this one item and buy my stuff as soon as possible!

  • What is the differece between 3.3v and 5v FTDI breakouts? which one is this kit s having?

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