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  • News - Enginursday: The Hormes R… | about 1 days ago

    I used the same Arduino/USB Host Shield/Xbox Receiver combo on a R/C Power Wheels project last year. I was shocked at the open-air range of the Xbox360 controller. Great project guys! Hope to see you in Norfolk this fall.

  • Product PRT-12042 | about 6 months ago

    Is this tape reliable enough to fix the flaky zebra connectors on the Nokia LCD screens?

  • Product DEV-10711 | about a year ago

    I am using this in conjunction with the USB Host Shield. The Host Shield gets its power from the VIN pin, and it’s less than 5v when using the LiPo SHield, causing my devices to not stay powered on. Is there a way to provide a full 5v to the USB Host Shield using the LiPo Shield??

  • Product PRT-11417 | about a year ago

    The description should be changed to reflect the “Includes:” section.

    Description: 1x 8-pin, 1x 10-pin and 2x 6-pin Includes: 2x 8-pin, 1x 10-pin and 1x 6-pin

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