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Member Since: May 5, 2011

Country: United States

  • The next FreeDay challenge?

  • The memories, the nightmares... :p This FreeDay was my first FreeDay, it won't be the last. (Regardless of scheme) Awesome video!

  • Well, it's finally over. And I've had time to sleep on it as well...

    Living in Norway, I was one of the lucky ones who didn't have to annoy my employer, or skip school to participate. But going straight from punching codes, and to bed, does not do wonders for any sweet dreams...

    I must say that in part, I agree with one thing... Maybe not the best way to get new customers?

    I had moments where I drew my own sanity into question, thought about the futility of it all, rubbed my temples to stay the pounding headache... And some times I was a bit pissed off at the whole thing...

    But then at some point, right before I keeled over and died (or was it after?!?), it struck me... What a total geek I am for sitting here punching captchas for hours on end. If anything, I must be glowing with geekyness right now. I'm letting my geek shine!! YAY!! That was the heart of it... From there on out, it was just a matter of keeping from getting crosseyed.

    100$ could easily have "disappeared" from the credit card, the wife would never had noticed. Yet you get cought up in it all, and when you get to the stage "just ONE more code, then I'll go to bed", sanity has fled.

    So, I didn't win anything this Free Day. It was my first one, it won't be the last.

    Thank you Sparkfun for letting me shine! Now I'll just have to shop for 100$, because I had looked forward to that.

    With regards Torstein

  • Yet again, not a perfect analogy... (Not saying that this one is...) You didn't stay in line for the scratch off ticket. Everyone got a front row seat, and new tickets were handed out constantly to those who had scratched theirs and didn't win.

    Still got me a headache though... :P

  • Any chance you'll start carrying other versions of these lenses? Like narrower ones, without ripples. (i.e. products 10193 og 10194)?

  • And, as I can see now, that does not sound very impressive... I'm from Norway, but my profile lists me as from the US.
    How can I change this? Couldn't find it on the profile page...

  • :)) Love you guys... some day, I'll fly in to visit!

  • Impressive! But still, scared shitless!

  • Hi,
    Seems like the pictures went missing again :(

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