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  • Check your "normal charge current" math please. 6A * 0.2 = 1.2A Charging only at 22mA would take over 272hours, assuming 100% efficiency, to fully charge.

  • VIA wants $1,000 for the most basic license. That would be a no... -EM

  • Do you happen to know which firmware you guys have loaded on the RN-52's that you sell? From reading the datasheet and some vague references on the Microship website it looks like different firmwares have different built-in codecs options for A2DP. If this just supports the basic SBC codec, the audio quality isn't strong enough for my application. But if your firmware supports the AAC and MP3 codecs, I'll be purchasing quite a few from you in short order. -EM

  • Any spec of the burden voltage of these?

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