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  • I live/work in New York area. For a family of 5 I'd recommend staying in Manhattan. Flushing Meadows doesn't ahem exactly offer the best parts of New York city. If it's your first time I'm sure your family would have much more fun in Manhattan. To get out to Maker Faire you can take the 7 train from Midtown (I think it's $2.25 per person). It's probably about a 30 minute subway ride with a good view of queens and the Manhattan skyline.
    Also, just to set expectations NYC hotels can be shockingly expensive (and small).
    Any other questions just shout.

  • Does Sparkfun sell a wall power adapter for this? The description just says "It has a larger pin diameter" but doesn't say the size. Can anyone who purchased this recommend a US compatible wall power adapter?
    Thanks alot

  • Is this switch Rated for AC or DC or both?

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