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  • "Ever had the proverbial monkey on your back?"
    "It's always funny when someone ELSE has the proverbial monkey on THEIR back."
    By the way, are you guys going to give us the lowdown on what REALLY is happening in this picture?

  • I just ordered and received one of these boards. I am not sure what all the stink in earlier posts is about - The schematic clearly shows that the I2C lines are pulled up to the 1.8v source through 10k resistors. Proper use of a I2C bus requires one to either pull the lines low (for a 0) or tristate the line (for a high). Most 5v micro's will see 1.8v as a high, so you are all set. The only way to cause problems is to have the micro drive the I2C lines high, which is a no-no as we all know.
    Chris, the Mdata will be static if you stop a read in the middle of the xyz registers - the unit will not update if it thinks you are in the middle of a read. Make sure you are starting at the beginning of the x data and reading all 6 bytes to the last byte of the z data (ie instead of reading xx, yy, zz bytes, you may be reading xy, yz, zx or something like that). It is easy to be off by one and jam the updating.

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