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  • are they all gone?

  • The windows drivers are not digitally signed. To install in Win 8 or higher you have to disable the security settings that prevent unsigned drivers from installing. This is a serious security issue that particle could have and should have fixed before releasing the software.

  • I am running these solenoids at 16V. At that voltage they draw about 0.4 amps. However, they get very hot after being on for a few minutes. Seems like they would surely burn up at 36V. Is there a time limit for the on state?

  • I am trying to configure this with X-CTU, but when trying to read the “modem parameter and firmware” X-CTU says that “the modem configuration file is not found.” Updating does not fix the problem. I did remove the RSSI LED from the sparkfun explorer board and it works fine with other Xbees, series 1, series 2, and pro versions.

    Should I use XBP09-XSC?

  • This board does not work with the standard adapter boards,as there is a pin change. This should have been made clear on this product page, would have saved me an hour of frustration. You have to modify the adapter board. Specifically, you have to physically remove the RSSI LED or the R4 resistor from the standard adapter board. The XSC has a different pinout compared to a normal XBee and this LED will drive the config pin low and cause the module to be unresponsive. See this thread:

  • The above question was about shaft couplers, but I am interested in a motor mount. Since this looks like a NEMA 17 size, I looked for motor mounts of that size but, surprisingly, was not able to find any (including looking on McMaster-Carr).

    Any suggestions for a motor mount for this motor? I also have a NEMA 14 size stepper that I need to mount, so suggestions for that size would be appreciated as well.

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